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Identity Struggles


Identity Struggles

Where do you get your identity?  Do you get it from being accepted by others?  The quality of your work? Or do you look to Jesus Christ for your identity?  We should all get our Identity from Christ, but that isn’t always the case for all of us.

Sometimes I find that I look to other people for approval and that I find myself getting wrapped up in whether I’m accepted as my identity.  For example, social media has become so commonplace in our lives that we look to how many likes we get on a Facebook or Instagram post.  How many followers we have on Twitter.  That kind of acceptance can consume us and before we know it, we are looking to people for our identity instead of looking to Jesus.

Some of us get our identity from fear, while others identify themselves by events that have happened in their lives, like losing a loved one, abuse whether it is sexual, physical or emotional, or from being a drug addict.  We place labels on ourselves without even realizing we are doing it.

We are all striving to answer our identity crisis before we leave this earth.  Even if we don’t realize it consciously, we are all trying to prove our identity.  We search for fulfillment in our jobs, money, achievements and a whole host of other things.  We can’t let ourselves be defined by feelings, by how many likes you get, how many friends you have or what other people may say about you.  Success and failure doesn’t define you, nor does driving the most expensive car, having the most extravagant house or having a bank account full of money.  These are all material things.  Jesus has already answered our identity crisis and done all the work on our behalf.  All we have to do is soak in the truths of who we are that are found in the Bible.

As God’s created, our identity comes from our Father. He created us and knows us perfectly inside and out. For us to learn about ourselves, we need to be connected to Him.  We are God’s masterpiece (Eph. 2:10).

What does this mean?  We must abandon any image of ourselves that is not from God.  Stop accepting what other people say about us and start believing what GOD says about us.  He is pleased with you and how he designed you.  You are unique!!!

You are defined by God and God alone, he identifies you as his own in 1 Corinthians 1:22.  Getting that realization is an important part of living an abundant life in Christ.  We were created to reflect the glory of God and, since the main goal in seeking an identity outside of Christ is to bring glory to ourselves, we will never find lasting fulfillment apart from him.


We are valuable to God.   Have you ever stopped to ask, “What does God think about me? Who does he say that I am?” Want some examples, here are several Bible verses that show us.

  • I am the Creator and you are my creation. I breathed into your nostrils the breath of life (Genesis 2:7).
  • I created you in my own image (Genesis 1:27).
  • My eyes saw your unformed substance (Psalm 139:16).
  • I knit you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).
  • I know the number of hairs on your head, and before a word is on your tongue I know it (Matthew 10:30; Psalm 139:4).
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).
  • You are more valuable than many sparrows (Matthew 10:31).
  • I have given you dominion over all sheep and oxen and all beasts of the field and birds of the heavens and fish of the sea (Psalm 8:6–8; Genesis 1:26, 28).
  • I have crowned you with glory and honor as the pinnacle and final act of the six days of creation (Psalm 8:5; Genesis 1:26).

When we give our life Jesus Christ, we are given a new identity. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, and the new have come” (2 Cor. 5:17).  We no longer need to identify ourselves the way the world identifies us.  We now are a co-heir to the kingdom of God, we can begin to look at ourselves the way God looks at us.

I challenge you to read the Bible and find your TRUE identity.  There are so many verses that speak to who we are as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.  Let Him speak to your heart as you read and He reveals to you who you really are.



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